Dirty Words

Faux finish can be a dirty word. Well, make that two dirty words.

When an alarming number of artist wannabes left their boring jobs in the ‘90s and high-tailed it to Home Depot to buy some sponges, faux finish took a nasty turn. Perfectly nice walls were turned into splotchy, globby messes.

A bucket of paint and a sponge do not an artist make. It was an ugly lesson that played out in many homes. The lesson lingers in the mind of people who cringe when they hear “faux finish”.

Walls, cabinets and countertops can become art in the hands of a gifted faux finish artist. It’s all about those hands. And the artist’s eye. And the belief that colors and textures can be magical.

As anyone who knows me knows, I don’t settle for half-assed anything, certainly not faux finishes. Our faux finish artist is beyond wonderful. Sometimes I share wonderful. But only if I’m in the mood and only if I like you.

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