vic01When I was asked to describe Victory Home Builders in three words, it took only seconds for me to respond: Expressive…Adventurous…Sensational.

But because we’re not the greatest follower of rules, I couldn’t stop at three adjectives. I had to add rebellious and bodacious.

Disheartened by cookie cutter homes, bland predictability and uninspired design, we’ve turned design and construction upside down and inside out. And we put an exciting spin on style.

Who says perfection is impossible to achieve? We demonstrate perfection every day in every home we build in the Greater Louisville area. I’m always perplexed when builders go out of their way to talk about the high quality of their homes. For me, there’s no other way to build.

The science and artistry of home construction is rapidly changing. We exceed the usual standards of construction, design and energy efficiency. Whether you’re building your first home, building for a growing family, transitioning to empty nesters, or planning for retirement, we believe you deserve to dream. It’s our business to  create a home in which you can live the dream.

vic03Before we start building a home, we get to know our clients and what they want and expect from their home. We help them envision the possibilities, broaden their perspective and pique their imagination. Our clients quickly become our friends and are soon like family.

We love to show our portfolio. The photographs show a broad  range of styles of spectacular homes, from über modern to classically traditional, all created by incredible artisans who work as a team. Their craftsmanship reflects extraordinary skills, dedication and a love for their work.

What isn’t visible in the photographs also defines Victory Home Builders. Our homes’ foundations and framing are as beautifully crafted as are the jaw-dropping design details that unfold from room to room.

Not all of our clients come to us wanting to build a new house. Remodeling a home presents the exciting challenge to infuse it with new energy and personality. Whether the project involves remodeling a kitchen, bathroom or basement, or even an addition to the house, we approach it with the same passion and thinking-outside-the-box imagination as we do for new construction.

But, enough about us. Your home is about you. If you share our belief that your home should be expressive, adventurous and sensational, give us a call. Let’s talk about why you deserve the Victory difference.